Brenda V. Castro Ying-Yang

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“Work for a cause, not for applause. Live to express, not to impress.”

I am in Hunter's Masters in Mental Health Counseling program, working to becoming a therapist to help others in improving and maintaining their well-being. I am also a climbing coach for kids at The Cliffs and a Crew Member at Trader Joe's. I volunteer on 7 Cups and HeartSupport to provide online emotional support.

In 2018, I graduated from Harvey Mudd College with a B.S. in Joint Computer Science-Mathematics. My research experience includes accessible technology, human-robot teamwork, and middle-school computer science education.

Personally, I love rock climbing, dancing, archery, karate, jujutsu, fountain pens, typewriters, writing to pen pals, reading (e.g., Agatha Christie novels), freeline skating, video games (e.g., Ace Attorney and Professor Layton), animated movies (e.g., Zootopia and How to Train Your Dragon), Marvel, and anime (e.g., Denpa Kyoushi). I am agender, polyamorous, and have dealt with chronic depression and anxiety.

Want Anonymous Emotional Support? Go to 7 Cups or HeartSupport

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