Why I Love Denpa Kyoushi


Rabbit: This world is shit. There is no meaning to life. I want to die…. Unlike in manga and anime, in real life, no heroes can save you when you’re down.

KY: LOL. Having a hard time, eh? Here’s a tip for rabbit…. If your world has no heroes, become one.

Heroes might be lonely, that doesn’t means they always fight alone.


Don’t think you can live life without affecting others.

I have a word for all of you, who will one day strike out on your own. Don’t think you can get through life in society by following stupid rules! Rules aren’t made for you. Rules are made for the guys who make them! The present and the future governed by rules will forever be your enemies! If there’s a future you want to grasp, fight for it! Fight to beat reality!

Even if the game developer set down the rules, it’s up to you to decide how to play. The same applies to life.




Getting kicked out of school won’t kill me but losing my way of life most certainly will.


My big bro is a real idiot and otaku, but he’s proud of his way of life. A gazillion times better than some weak-willed fool who has to take out his pain on others to relieve himself!

Cyborg: You’ve changed, Miss Kanou. I didn’t recognize you for a second.

Face Punch: No, I haven’t changed. I just found a place for myself.

I taught you… to destroy everything that stands in your way and never look back. To push on…. But… that way of life will isolate you…. One day, you will regret it.




Junichiro Kagami: As an otaku, I take pride in making appropriate payments for things I find truly valuable.

Junichiro Kagami: Doing what I “yearn to do” is not necessarily always doing what I’m good at, or what I can already do. In order to realize a bigger goal, sometimes I have to do something I’m bad at.

Which voice would you be happy with? I have a terrible voice, but I still sing. I go karaoke with friends too. They have fun, despite how terrible my singing is. Do you get it now? People like and enjoy different things. Some people like it; some people don’t. There’s nothing wrong with that.




Luce: But are your students trustworthy?

Kagami: Well… It’s not about whether or not they can be trusted. I just trust them, that’s all.

Luce: Huh?

Kagami: That allows me to do more interesting things.


Kagami: If you want to run away, do so. But I’ll invite you back, every time.

Araki: But why would you…

Kagami: Why? Isn’t it obvious? Game or real life, it doesn’t matter. You’re my partner, that’s why.


In games and in reality, you make progress if you want to, and don’t get anywhere if you don’t want to. You have to decide.

They treat me as me, even if I’m dressed like a girl.


Ah, I get it. They’re your important friends, but you lie about your gender? What a shame.

The First: One year ago, Luce used the Alamo to defend me, who was stronger than her. You, though, used the Alamo while being protected by those who are weaker than you.

Luce: But that’s…

The First: You’re no longer Luce! …. The Luce that I view as my partner isn’t a coward like you! …. Don’t ruin the person that you really are.


Options: [I]t might be of everyone’s interest that Miss Tim is staying at Mr. Kagami’s house.

Miss Tim: If you wish, I’d let you do so many things… [whispers] in research!

Kagami: Stop starting intentional misunderstandings!

Madoka: Last year, at the Game Show, that idiot started talking smack about my company and Japanese gamers. So I gave him a lecture, and then he started saying how I am a critical part in him becoming a true king. Completely crazy, that guy.

Kagami: Really? You must understand. He thought he needed someone that can give him an honest opinion. People who can give you what you don’t have are truly precious. It’s natural to want to do anything to be with them.




Letting kids get what they want is part of being an adult.

Hell Gates: I have to prove to myself that, though I lost, my actual skills are not inferior to yours.

Kagami: You’re a fool.

Hell Gates: Kagami, with your skills, why won’t you join tournaments?

Kagami: Huh? Games aren’t for competition. Games are for mastering.


Kisaki: The beginners’ kit… I remember this. Do you want me to teach you how to use it?

Ghost: Yes! Please!

Kisaki: So, in order to use this kit…

Ghost: Yes!

Kisaki: Pick any tool you like, and draw whatever you want! Period!

Ghost: U-Umm… Aren’t there, like, skills for each tool that I need to practice?

Kisaki: If you have time to waste on that, draw! It’s the fastest way to improve your pen skills too!

Ghost: But… “Draw”? I don’t know what to draw…

Kisaki: Interesting things! Find something you think is interesting and draw it. That’s all there is to it!




Don’t rely on others. Get it back yourself. If you’re a gamer, remember this! If you lose something in a game, win it back in a game. That’s what we call gamers’ pride.




If you can’t treat your own job well, what right do you have to criticize the “place to be” of others?






To truly enjoy amusing things, you have to listen to your heart. Listening to others or following orders will get you nowhere.


Kagami: I just decided! If there’s something you really want to do, you don’t have to go to school. Make every student want to voluntarily quit school. That will be my educational policy! Students will find something so amusing that it changes their lives. They won’t have time to go to school. My goal is to make every student a YD [someone who can only do what they “yearn to do”!]

Junichiro Kagami: You don’t act because you find something amusing! You discover amusing things through action! This world is full of amusing things! You don’t have a second to waste on things you don’t enjoy!

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