I am drawn to the goal of bridging the opportunity divide and closing the achievement gap. I hope to inspire others to know that they can be successful and that they do not know their limits. At the top of all my high school classes, I felt pleased but knew I was not so different or talented that my peers could not do the same. We simply have different opportunities and interests. People are often happier and contribute most to society if they discover their skills and pursue their passions. I want to help others in this journey. I want them to know that they can follow their passions because people are not defined by their past but by who they choose to be. While their backgrounds may bring obstacles, they are surmountable. I have had phenomenal professors who cared not only about their own fields, but also about me and all their students. I want to pay it forward because there is no way I can pay it back.

At Comp Sci High talking to high school freshman about college