My Role Models

These are not necessarily in any order.

Shwetak Patel

Wikipedia: Shwetak Naran Patel is an American computer scientist and entrepreneur best known for his work on developing novel sensing solutions and ubiquitous computing. He is the Washington Research Foundation Entrepreneurship Endowed Professor at the University of Washington in Computer Science & Engineering and Electrical Engineering, where he joined in 2008.

Laura Butler

If I remember correctly, it was Laura who spoke at a Codess event I attended during undergrad, and she sure inspired me.

Ben Weis

If I remember correctly, I attended some event during undergrad where I got to have lunch with this alumnus, and he inspired me. I admired his work-life balance. He seemed to be so academically successful and still so mentally well and fulfilled.

Dan Zaharopool

From BEAM website: Dan Zaharopol started BEAM to help students from all backgrounds find joy in math and achieve at a high level. Under Dan’s leadership, BEAM has expanded to serve hundreds of students in both NYC and LA over the summer and during the year, with programming that starts in 6th grade and runs through college. In addition to his work at BEAM, Dan is on the boards of the Mathematics Foundation of America and the New York Math Circle. An award-winning teacher with experience teaching at MIT, the University of Illinois, the Boston Math Circle, and Canada/USA Mathcamp, Dan is himself a product of numerous enrichment math programs. He received an undergraduate degree in math from MIT and master’s degrees in both mathematics and teaching mathematics from the University of Illinois.

Sergio Salas

My uncle has been a source of inspiration for as long as I can remember.

Lynn Hill

This rock climber is amazing! And she climbed with the first climbers. Despite being female and theoretically at a genetic disadvantage, she not only kept up but surpassed them!

Alex Honnold

Another awesome rock climber! He says that he wasn’t a great climber as a kid, so he inspires me; not being great right now doesn’t mean you can’t be great later. There’s hope!

Tommy Caldwell

Another awesome rock climber. Watch the Dawn movie!