• country line dancing
    • Dancing at Nashvilles in Rochester is my favorite! And I really want to go back. (Thank you to my deaf/Deaf and hard of hearing peers who introduced me to it.)
  • square dancing
  • contra dancing
  • swing dancing
  • ballroom dancing
Me with my fellow officers from the Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company. I'm on the right, wearing a red dress.
Me (red dress) and my fellow officers from the Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company.

Rock Climbing

I was recently introduced to Brooklyn Boulders and loved it! I felt happy like I do when I dance. Yay.

Top-roping is my favorite! The endurance test is great, and I love the feeling of just getting to let go and fall down.


I’m a Level 1 Certified Archery Instructor.

Got an arrow right through the bullseye
I hit the dead center!


  • psychology, especially positive psychology
  • Agatha Christie


  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series
  • Professor Layton series
  • Tetris
  • Minecraft
A Minecraft scene featuring two chickens and a baby chicken looking at the camera. There are three chests around them, and they are contained in a pit
The chickens are so cute!
My score on Typing Maniac: 1,543,365 points. Of all time, I was ranked 237.
Yay! I’m 237 of all time! (I was in the 700s and 500s, so this jump was awesome.)
My score on Typing Maniac: 1,543,365 points. I was ranked 10th of all for the week.
Woop! I am 10th out of everyone this week!

Escape Rooms

We BARELY made it out! Yay!
Puzzlemaster 170925

Freelining (freeline skates)

What is it? Here’s a video.


  • Priceless Pets
  • Ontario City Library (Star Volunteer: volunteered for over 700 hours)
Library Star Volunteers.jpg
I was proud to finally get my name on that plaque.


I was the protagonist of a four-person play called Proof.

Me bowing with my fellow actors.


I apparently wrote over 2,000 lines of poetry!

Learning a New Keyboard

I thought that learning to touch type was one of my greatest accomplishments as a kid. I felt so pleased. So one New Year’s Eve as I was bored, I decided I would learn Dvorak. I love knowing two keyboards.

Dvorak keyboard layout


I work at the National Museum of Mathematics and love it! It reminds me of when I used to volunteer at the library. I enjoy getting to help people understand our exhibits and have fun all throughout the day.

I’m “wearing” a MoMath puppy!