Following is a chronological list of summer research and miscellaneous projects I have done.



Industry Project with Steelcase, Computer Science Department| Harvey Mudd College | Sep ‘17 – May ’18

  • Steelcase is the largest manufacturer of office furniture in the world
  • Project Manager in a team of 4
  • Details confidential; designing a product based on the client’s needs
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Supreme Court Predictions, Machine Learning Class Project| Harvey Mudd College | Oct ‘17 – Dec ’17

  • Working with one partner to predict Supreme Court decision directions (conservative or liberal) based on case features
  • Using the database from Washington University Law, which contains information encoded in 61 features for about 9,000 cases




Human-Robot Teamwork Research, HEATlab | Harvey Mudd College | May ‘17 – Jul ‘17

  • Evaluated effects of human/robot-lead on human-robot team efficiency and fluency
  • Co-authored and presented a paper at the AAAI Fall Symposium ’17
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Accessibility Research, CAIR | Rochester Institute of Technology | Jun ‘16 – Aug ‘16

  • Developed smartglasses to help deaf/Deaf and hard of hearing students learn better
  • Co-authored a paper accepted to the CHI ’17 conference
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Ruby Applications, Programming Practicum Class Project | Harvey Mudd College | Jan ’16 – May ’16

  • Learned Ruby and Ruby on Rails
  • Created a program to play the game Mastermind
  • Created a “Twitter like app”



sasha20texting2030jul12Texting Project Assistant, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts Department | Harvey Mudd College | Sep ’15 – Dec ’15
  • Provide tech solutions for a study on texting behaviors as a function of attachment
  • Largely used Python and natural language processing and sentiment analysis techniques
  • Supervised by Mel Malka (technology consultant) and Professor Debra Mashek (theory and methods consultant)



MyCS Research, Computer Science Department | Harvey Mudd College | Jun ‘15 – Aug ‘15

  • Developed and fine-tuned a CS curriculum for 4th to 10th graders in a team of six
  • Co-authored and presented a paper to the SIGSCE ’16 conference
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