“¡No me admiró tu olvido! Aunque de un día,me admiró tu cariño mucho más;porque lo que hay en mí que vale algo,eso… ni lo pudiste sospechar.” Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, “Rima XXXV” “I’m not amazed at thy forgetfulness. I marvelled much more, that thou couldst profess Affection for me, even for a day; For, that there… Read More Rima XXXV

Meaning and Sorrow

“In order to regard anything as truly important, you also have to regard its loss as truly meaningful. And that means that to open yourself up to experiences of deep meaning, also simultaneously means that you have to open yourself up to the possibility of deep hurt and sorrow.” Jordan Bernt Peterson


“A person with strong boundaries understands that it’s unreasonable to expect two people to accommodate each other 100% and fulfill every need the other has. A person with strong boundaries understands that they may hurt someone’s feelings sometimes, but ultimately they can’t determine how other people feel.” Mark Manson, https://markmanson.net/boundaries?utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=social-posts&utm_medium=social&utm_content=2019-03-28&fbclid=IwAR04QUQKSKmva-W8NrxVyvYVxb10v4MUv8ai7PtmrgRn7aassuZ7UDBWeK8

Sonnet 147

My love is as a fever, longing stillFor that which longer nurseth the disease,Feeding on that which doth preserve the ill,The uncertain sickly appetite to please. My reason, the physician to my love,Angry that his prescriptions are not kept,Hath left me, and I desperate now approveDesire is death, which physic did except. Past cure I… Read More Sonnet 147